Wednesday Wisdom: Your “NORM” is someone else’s “HOLY CRAP!”

Today, I was chatting with someone in part of our team that is 9 hours ahead of my time zone… and, in order to make meetings work together, each of us is usually up early or late… and it works for us with ease. I am generally for the “early” side rather than the late side because I get up at 4 am.

As we were chatting, they asked if I could be on their meeting at 9:30 pm my time tonight and I said, “um, no, that’s usually when I’m going to bed because I get up at 4.” And I said it all “matter-of-fact” like that… not thinking anything of it, because the people I workout with that early also get up that early. The other person was like “OH. MY. GOD. I could never do that.”

Isn’t it so true how we get used to our own “norms” and don’t realize what that might look like to someone else who has a totally different set of “norms” by which they operate?

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