I’ve enjoyed reading all the reflective thoughts and considerations on blogs and social media as we round out the last days of 2013.

I’m curious, have you made 2014 resolutions yet? If so, what are they? How do you stay on track? If not, why do you choose not to set resolutions?

You know (from prior posts) that I’m a vision board gal, but as for New Year’s resolutions? A number of years ago, I personally experienced the feeling of defeat when I set some resolutions that I did not stick to. My husband and I had a conversation about it and decided that instead of setting resolutions every year, we’d set goals anytime we felt like we wanted to create something like a resolution. For example, if we’re on a weight loss plan, we set goals around the intention and then create a plan to achieve that goal. If we happen to fall off track with our goal, we reassess, recalculate and re-goal.

As you are planning and gearing up for the New Year, I’d love to know whether you make resolutions and how the process works for you! 🙂


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