Nature is my spirituality… I believe in God and it’s probably that belief in God that has shed light on the sentiment that nature is my spirituality.

Sometimes mental clarity comes from time in nature.

Sometimes creativity is unleashed from time in nature.

Sometimes opportunities to grow reveal themselves from time in nature.

You see, I share that my spirituality is nature because, in my time in nature, I commune with God, I connect more deeply with those I’m hiking with, I meditate and pray… I seek answers to profound questions like:

* What is a defining moment in my life and how did it impact me?
* What do I want to let go of?
* What do I spend too much time doing?
* What can I do now that I couldn’t do a year ago?

And I journal. When I’m hiking, I get to spend a lot of introspective thoughtful time with myself and I noodle questions like the ones above and journal more.

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