bergamot flowerNature is cathartic, isn’t it? 🏞

Here’s an easy way to tap into nature using essential oils. 😘

If you’re unsure about how to get into nature or you don’t have nature around you, essential oils are the quickest way to tap into that catharsis that nature provides. ❤

Today, I’m sharing about Bergamot essential oil. 🌸

Bergamot can be uplifting, can help relieve stress and anxiety, too (among a myriad of other benefits).

If you’re feeling like things are hectic or you just want to capture that feeling of nature, use the Bergamot in your diffuser or inhale from the bottle and take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to be in the moment you’re in. Just be. Take a deep breath in… hold it for a moment, and exhale slowly. Repeat up to 6-8 deep breaths.

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