yellow flowers in a fieldDid you know that nature can help with sleep? 😴
According to a blog post I read on the Ontario Parks website, it shared that a 2-hour walk in the woods can help improve sleep quality and relieve sleep issues.
And, if you sleep in nature – that is, away from artificial light and wake with the sunlight, it can help to reset your circadian rhythm.
The post also mentioned these positive effects of nature can also affect how we treat others.
In my own experience, I can appreciate that I always come back from Parks¬† trip in nature feeling more light-hearted… and that I’m kinder, gentler, and all-around happier.
This photo was taken at Table Mountain, near Oroville, CA last year and we wandered around for several hours, on our way back toward the parking lot area, I noticed this patch of flowers was in the shape of a heart. If I’d seen this on the way in, I could have missed it. Those few hours hiking around, taking photos, checking out a waterfall, etc., all contributing to me getting back to my nature – because I was in nature. Cool, huh?
If you regularly get out in nature, when is the last time you got out for a nature walk?
If you haven’t ever taken a nature walk, what questions do you have?
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