Motivation moment… 🫶🏽
In various treks in different wilderness areas that have been scoured by fire, I’ve been contemplating a lot about fire, growth, and regeneration…
For example, fire is a part of the evolution and growth of a healthy forest. 🌲
And that idea made me think about the notion of things ‘burning down’ in business, life, relationships, etc.
I’m not talking about actual fire in the latter part – more the metaphorical fire. 🔥
After a conversation with a friend, I made some correlation around what if the “fire” that sometimes burns things in business, life, and relationships is actually clearing the way for more space, peace, opportunity, and abundance? What if, just like the forest burning being healthy, sometimes “fire” in certain areas of life are also necessary to bring healthy growth and change?
Things to ponder in this motivation moment…
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