Wednesday Wisdom: Pay Attention To The Messages The Universe Sends You.

Do you pay attention to the things around you that continue to appear?

This morning, I experienced some bold ass crows.

I saw the first one when I dropped Jason off this morning. It was in the middle of the road having an early morning roadkill breakfast… I attempted to move over slightly so as not to disturb it, when it took about 6 steps into the other lane… waited for me to pass, and then back it came to continue its breakfast. :-O

The next one was taking a long drink of water that was streaming in the gutter. Again, it didn’t move or seem to be bothered by me driving by at all.

If you’ve read my posts for a while (if not, welcome! and I’ll share a bit more briefly), you know that when I have animal encounters like this, it makes me curious.

So, yes, I looked it up.

And yes, symbolically, crows typically represent death and the transformation from the physical world to the spiritual world. They ALSO represent change, transition, transformation, and new beginnings. Not just the physical representation of death.

With that knowledge in hand, I revisit the encounters with both birds.

I start thinking about what I’ve been working on and things that have been in transition and that are transforming into other things – whether releasing them or finding new ways to allow them to be regenerated.

It’s fascinating and powerful when I step back and take a look at things from this perspective – from my mind, body, and spirit.

All because I chose to slow down, recognize the recurring visits from the crows, and then look to the meaning of the animal both symbolically and spiritually.

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