Today at the gym, as I was running my 6th lap, I realized all through the workout I was thinking about how much my body is capable of when I focus my mind and concentrate on a specific goal or thing.

Rather than compete with someone who is running ahead of me and focus on trying to catch that person, I chose to focus on my own cadence and rhythm… and to push myself to see if I could run a little faster than I did the previous lap.

I noticed that rather than feeling out of breath and feeling like I was struggling to complete the lap, I got into my mind and kept telling myself to dig deep. I could do this.

On the 6th and final lap this morning, I took stock of how this activity did for me – we weren’t running for time, we ran a short lap in between a set of exercises. And how we chose to run it was up to each of us. And that’s when it hit me… it’s ME vs. ME. And that mentality helped me push myself harder, dig deeper and experience this run so different than so many others.

How are you employing the “me vs. me” mentality in your own life?

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