On Tuesdays, We’re On The Bringing In Trail…

Make the moments ones you enjoy.

I was on a podcast today and the host let me know just before we started that we would have an “outtake” afterward where we kept the recording going and we would continue the conversation, wherever it went. And we went to a lot of super fun places that neither of us could have predicted. Making moments we enjoy.

Over the weekend, I got to play in the dirt in my garden and transplanted some plants into bigger homes and some plants into the ground, now that they are ready. Making moments we enjoy.

Some dear friends texted early on Sunday morning that they happened to be in town and wondered if we could meet up at a nearby park for a visit. We brought our coffee station and enjoyed a cup of coffee while catching up and watching their kiddos play on the swings, etc. Making moments we enjoy.

What moments are you making that you are enjoying?

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