ID-10092118As an online business manager / virtual assistant, there are many services that works well with what our team does. I would say one such match is a business coach: they work with my perfect clients (entrepreneurs / business owners who are seeking support in their business) and can readily refer to me.

Our team has also worked with a couple of PR firms to help their clients get a web presence or re-establish a web presence. The dynamic partnership that is built through the process of working on a client’s project takes you to a whole new level, personally and professionally.

Likewise, I get requests from clients on a regular basis for services such as PR, coaching, publishing and more. It’s nice to build and foster relationships with those who have been clients or those will become clients and be able to add them as a potential referral source down the road.

How about for you? Who’s the perfect cookie to your milk? LOL…

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