I have described our trip to Alaska as life-changing.

This is a photo of Mt. Denali. On the second day of us being able to see her.

We learned on our trip that the mountain is partially visible less than 30% of the time.

To see it when you’re on a trip there is a rare occurrence, according to locals. To see it twice on the same trip is pretty special.

I heard early in our trip that Alaska takes a piece of your heart and doesn’t give it back. 🙂

This trip, and in particular our time in Mt. Denali, really deeply affected me. I think learning about the Alaska Natives and their heritage, along with all of the incredible scenery, majestic wildlife, and the opportunity to be fully disconnected really recharged and revamped my soul and my spirit. In addition, learning about the Athabascan people who first came to the area as part of their migration, was fascinating. We even got to hear from an Athabascan woman who shared about their traditions, etc.

Another quote I heard while on one of our tours was something along the lines of “The mountain reflects back to you what you already have in yourself.” (I’m pretty certain I’m misquoting that, it’s SOMETHING like that!)

Here are some interesting facts about Mt. Denali:

* Mt. Denali stands 20,310 feet high and it is the highest peak in North America.

* There is only one road through Denali National Park.

* Mt. Denali provides ample opportunity to see Alaska’s “Big 5:” bears, caribou, moose, Dall sheep, and wolves.

* Mt. Denali has a very rich and interesting history as well as remains an important place for Alaska Natives.

* The mountain was first summitted in 1913.

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