In a conversation with a new connection on LinkedIn, the person asked me “What is one of my favorite things about what I do?”

First, I thought this was a great question.

Next, my response: The most enjoyable thing for me is the moment my client realizes they can let go. It becomes a huge shift in so many areas of their life.

Letting go comes in a lot of different packages for clients… sometimes it is realizing they can trust the team they hired is doing the work they hired them to do; sometimes it is scheduling and actually taking time off; sometimes it is bringing their laptop with them on vacation and having no plan to turn it on for work-related activities; sometimes it is to embrace their own adventure in nature.

And I cannot tell you how much I LOVE supporting my clients in these moments of letting go.

How are you letting go?

If you would like to explore what letting go could look like for you and how my team and I can help, DM me the words “Let Go” and we’ll chat!

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