Think About It Thursday: Lessons In What Feels Like Failure.

Mission Peak, take two.

Last week we attempted Mission Peak from one side of the trail (there’s a split and you get to pick!)… and due to time constraints, we didn’t make it to the top.

Yesterday, we attempted again by way of the other side of the trail.

The short version is we didn’t make the peak again.

This time, we were within probably about 1/2 a mile and about another 500 vertical feet to the top.

We could SEE it.

Jason mentioned that he could see me struggling. Right off, I wasn’t certain what the issue was.

On the way back down, we chose to unpack the trek to our turnaround point.

Since I wasn’t certain we were going to do this hike, I didn’t have near the calories I needed for this type of hike.

It was over 80 degrees, and while hiking you can add 5-10 degrees to the air temperature for what it “feels like.” Phew.

We are only just beginning our training in the heat, so we are not yet conditioned for hotter weather hikes just yet.

All this to say…

Was this a failure? Maybe.

Was it a defeat? Optional.

Did I start down the path of negative self-talk? Ok, honestly, yes, and then I remembered I’m a work in progress and this is an adventure and a journey. Nope, not today, negative self-talk!

There’s magic in hiking with a partner that is something both Jason and I realize we really value in each other when we hike… that is the other person cheering us on when we are having a rough day.

Yesterday, Jason kept encouraging me and telling me I could do it… one foot in front of the other. Jason reminded me that I have done the same for him on his rough days. <3

And yes, although we turned back – it turned out for the best.

Those last 500 feet up to the top in a half-mile ARE totally doable.

In my condition yesterday, though, it was better to acknowledge where I needed to improve and make it back down safely (not in the dark, with super rubbery and tired legs… haha).

And sometimes those lessons are worth their weight in gold.

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