Motivation Monday: Leave The Past In The Past.

I recently shared my story… and one of the things that I noticed was recurring past emotions showing up.

Things like jealousy and resentment, feelings of unworthiness, to name a few.

Here’s the thing: I had to realize that dwelling in the past isn’t for me. I had to make a conscious choice to live in the present (it’s called the present because it’s a gift, right?) and also not to think too much about the future either. Otherwise, I would be missing out.

One of the emotions I shared above is of jealousy. When my husband and I first started dating, it showed up a lot for me. And we would get into what felt like the same argument… and we would talk about it, feel like it had been resolved only for a few weeks or months to go by, and BAM! there it was again. Ugh.

I remember the distinct moment when I sat down on the edge of the bed and laughed. Laughed at how ridiculous I realized I was being by holding on to these jealous feelings. I’ll be honest, that reaction took me by complete surprise!

I realized in that moment that I had a choice to make… dwell in the past and ruin my relationship or choose to move forward and leave jealousy in the past. I chose to leave it. It wasn’t serving me in any way. It was helpful in any way.

When I went on some of the first backpacking trips we went on, my feelings and emotions were things I set intentions about accepting, moving through, and “closing old chapters” to move forward. <3

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