Your friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip…

A little kindness goes a very LONG way. Trust me.

On a recent hike, Jason and I both noted the loss of trail etiquette – no one saying “hey, behind you” or “on your left” or anything of the sort. People were just storming up behind you and then making a fuss when others weren’t going their speed. We also saw people cutting around others in spots where the trail was incredibly narrow – going off-trail harms the habitat around the trail. Please stay on the trail.

Ok, now that’s out there… what to do?

Just lead with kindness. Give a greeting to someone you are coming up behind and would like to pass. “Hey there, beautiful day, huh?” Or, “Hey friend, on your right.” Anything to let another person know you’re there and would like to pass.

One other thing… remember last week when I shared about uphill hikers get the right-of-way to downhill hikers? Ok, can’t emphasize this one enough – it’s really hard for uphill hikers to regain their momentum when they have to stop… going downhill is easier, so again, please lead with kindness here too. If you’re going downhill and need to wait for someone to pass coming uphill, it’s always a great time to take a photo.

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