Motivation Monday: Lead With Grace.

I shared that I was a guest on someone’s podcast, and one of the things that came up in that conversation was the challenging relationship I had with my Mom and how I chose to persevere and want more from our relationship, by working on myself, to be a better daughter, a better wife, a better friend, etc.

You see, at the core level, we can only meet someone where we are, right? And no matter how damned hard we try – or want it – if someone isn’t there, they can’t meet us there. They can meet where they are. And that’s ok. <3 In fact, it can be a beautiful thing.

If I leaned in, hoping something would turn out one way going into a conversation with my <om and it came out different than I expected… that was ok, too, because I began to learn to anticipate every possible outcome.

And – I think the important caveat… was to expect nothing.  Meaning, I would show up, give as much of myself as I chose to or felt I was capable of giving… and wherever she was, she met me there… and I chose to be ok with it because I knew she was doing her best, too.

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