I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past few years… ups and downs, ebbs and flows. All of the things in between.

One recurring theme that has shown up is growth and learning.

Since the start of the pandemic and lockdowns happened, I chose to take an inventory of my skills and things I would tally in the ‘asset’ column of what I bring to the table for prospective clients.

And I chose to uplevel and grow and learn.

Here are a few things I’ve done to grow and learn in the past few years… to become a better version of myself so that I can deliver the best to my clients.

* Became a Certified Empowerment Coach
* Working on becoming a Certified Somatic Practitioner
* Completed an Herbal Medicine course
* Learned foraging skills 🫐
* Gotten back into taking ASL (American Sign Language) training (<< that means “I love you”)
* Started a program to become a certified naturopath
* Learned to make sourdough bread from scratch
* Become immersed in AI (ChatGPT, Bard…)
* Tending to my garden (and it is so cathartic!)
* Writing a new book
* Participating in a mastermind

How are you growing?

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