Pats the seat next to me…Alright friends, are you ready for a story?

In January and February of this year, I locked in several backpacking permits… something for which I was quite proud of myself. Planning for some of the areas we travel in requires 6 months in advance to reserve a permit.At the time, the winter season seemed above normal, but not crazy-crazy. Then it got crazy-crazy. “How crazy?” you ask? 700+ inches of snow in some areas of the Sierras crazy. One of the ski resorts here literally just had their last day of ski season a few days ago (yes, in August!). So, we have been monitoring the situation closely and checking in with rangers and using various tools we have accumulated over the years and some of the lakes we were going to backpack to in July were still frozen over in July. Like holy moly!
* Frozen lakes
* Epic snow bridges
* Tons of debris and avalanche tailings have buried some trails in spots making route finding extra difficult
* RAGING rivers, creeks, etc. which make it incredibly challenging (nay impassable) to cross
* Increased bear activity (I wrote a post on this earlier this year wondering how the bears were faring as they woke from hibernation much later than usual, etc… and now I know the answer to that)

Just because there is a plan does not mean the plan is what happens.

So we canceled our trips that were permitted for July with enough advance notice that someone else could procure the permit, if they chose to do so.

Rather than let those things deter our experiences, we improvised and adapted… we went camping and hiked nearby trails instead.

For our planned trips this month, similar conditions present themselves… so we have adapted. We have canceled our existing permits and have found a suitable alternative without the additional difficult conditions and are adjusting our plans accordingly. I support clients in this way, too. Often times when a client comes to me, they feel lost in the muck and mire of their challenge and cannot see the forest for the trees, if you will.

I love to help strategize and find solutions that support them to optimize their business and streamline it with more efficiency, and productivity, and getting their sanity back, along with peace of mind.

If this sounds like you, book a time to chat with me here, I’d love to chat with you about your business.

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