My friend, Katrina Sawa, is holding her annual Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales Summit in CA April 3, 4, & 5 and here are 3 reasons why you want to attend:

AprilEvent1) If you need to know anything about social media, online and offline marketing, websites, shopping carts, advertising, publicity, follow up, networking, speaking, selling from the stage, developing information products and services such as ebooks, audios, teleseries, home study programs, high end coaching programs, memberships, masterminds, live events, sales conversations and more. She’s covering ALL of this!

2) If you want to learn how to create a steady stream of ideal, high-paying clients, flowing consistently into your business?

3) If you finally want to learn how to charge what you’re worth and get it

Then you definitely want to register now and reserve your seat!  


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