Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-AllIn Stacey Hall’s book Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All (get your copy here:, she discusses in Energy Surge #11 the importance of personal accountability. More specifically, she shares that personal accountability and response-ability are a process:

“Step 1: Identify what I want to be accountable to be, do, or achieve towards my B-All.
Step 2: When life brings an opportunity or situation into my life, I first choose if I wish to respond or not respond…whichever will bring me closer to the fulfillment of my B-All.
Step 3: If I chose to respond, I do so in a way that moves me closer to the fulfillment of my B-All.” (p. 225-226)

When it pertains to my goals, and intentional activities toward my B-All, I consider these three steps. Recently, I had a VERY tough decision to make. While my B-All is that I AM an internationally renowned speaker and author–lately I’ve not been able to do much speaking due to my lack of voice. I have been booked for several speaking engagements into the summer and early fall and I’m having to really weigh out whether it’s going to be feasible for me to keep those on the books. I’ve had to reach out and let the organizations know of my current voice-less condition and work to reschedule or cancel. Instead of looking at this as a bad thing, I’m looking at it as if it’s time to focus on writing and getting my book done. Then the speaking will start to happen.

ID-100154324I’m feeling my “theme song,” Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” unfold as I write this post. In particular this verse: “live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins…the rest is still unwritten.” Oh Yeah! (:

I am reminded that I am keeping my eye on my B-All and the part of my B-All that is the focus right now is the author portion. And I’m perfectly ok with that. After all, I have only to be accountable to myself.

How about you? Do you utilize Personal Accountability in your life?

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