Nature Tip: Nature Can Help Improve Creativity And Innovation.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the inspirations that have come out of creative inspiration while in nature…

  1. My 3 card decks were all inspired on a backpacking trip a few years ago… I had ALWAYS wanted to create a card deck and struggled with the WHAT it would be part. While enjoying a snack during a break on one of our multi-day trips, the idea for my card decks came to me: pair the photos we take on various trails with a daily mantra from my workouts and add a call to action. DONE.
  2. I wrote an Ode to Nature… on one of the few trips I didn’t remember my journal – I was inspired to write an Ode to Nature. I was able to remember it because of all the time I spend in my head while on a backpacking trip… so I recited various lines repeatedly. When we got back to civilization, I jotted everything down. DONE.
  3. My latest iteration of my Choose Your Own Adventure healing portal… is being built from my own experiences and adventures… and on a recent trek, I received the inspiration that the first module will be about the “Adventure Mindset.” DONE.
  4. I’ve recently taken to propagating plant clippings to nurture them into full-fledged plants, in an effort to bring more nature into our home. And I’m having an absolute BLAST wit it! ❤

You get the idea, right? I’ve created eBooks, short video courses, cheat sheets, and so much more… from the inspiration I receive when I was in nature – the CREATIVE inspiration!

How do you tap into nature to improve your creativity and innovation?

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