Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Reaching The Inertia Point.

There comes a point on every hike… whether 75-mile backpacking trip, day hike or otherwise, when we hit the “halfway” point and I liken it to coming to the crest of a roller coaster…

We’ve been moving along at a nice even pace and as we get to that point, the inertia of excitement, what we’ve seen and accomplished that day (or trip, etc.) comes flooding in, and the remainder of the trip sails along.

One thing in particular that I have noticed I do is to conserve the crap out of my water.

Until we hit that halfway mark. I find it to be so weird.

If we’re hiking 18 miles that day, for example, when we hit that 9-mile mark, I know that I can make it the remaining distance with ‘plenty of water,’ and then I chug the water until we’re back to the trailhead.

On some trips, we’ve definitely had the advantage of having water sources that we can filter from every few miles, and in those cases, this plan is out the window… haha.

Isn’t it interesting though what happens when I reach that inertia point and really embrace the journey?

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