Think about it Thursday… How do you know if you don’t attempt?
Jason and I have been working to get our non-weighted walking speed down to 4-miles-per-hour (15-minute mile pace) and we’re getting close.
Today, when we started our 5-mile training hike (with Jason carrying 30 and I carried 22 pounds in our packs), Jason said, I wonder if we can keep a 16:30-mile pace? Here’s where we came in:
mile 1: 16:26
mile 2: 16:15
mile 3: 16:08
mile 4: 16:22
mile 5: 16:10
When we got back, we first did a high five and WHOO HOO! Then, we discussed how we felt carrying the weight and that it didn’t suck as much as the last week when we did the weighted treks. So that means our training is working! Don’t get me wrong, there will be soreness – haha – and that’s a good thing!
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