Think About It Thursday… Having Fun.

Do you remember how to have fun?

I’m talking about things like:

dancing like no one’s watching (because they are looking at their phones anyway – lol)

coloring outside of the lines

connecting with yourself

connecting with a loved one

going for a walk without time parameters

putting a puzzle together

painting something

playing a game

doing a crossword puzzle

writing a letter or card to someone

You get the idea, right?

And have you done one of these things recently? Without judgment or attachment to the outcome? Just for the pure joy of it?

I realized the other day that when I was doing one of my random dance parties, I was bummed I missed the mark of a particular routine and thought, “Just keep going… have fun, and who cares if I missed that move!” It reminded me to reconnect to that fascination and wonder of when I was a kid and what attracted me to dance in the first place – simply moving my body! Tapping into and carrying that joy with me!

What adventures would you create with the time I would free up for you?

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