In my Chapter, How to Expand Your Business with an Effective Virtual Team, in Women Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, I discuss the importance of delegating. Is this something you’ve struggled with before? Are you good at delegating tasks? How do you know which tasks to delegate?

Delegation allows you to multiply your efforts while decreasing your stress. It is fabulous when you can delegate tasks to your own virtual team. You gain their knowledge, expertise and support and get rid of tasks that do not bring you joy, satisfaction or income. This allows you more time for activities that only you can do. What would you do with that extra time?

Many of us struggle with delegating, I have often heard, “it takes twice as much time to explain the project and fix mistakes, so I might as well do it myself”.  It’s possible you aren’t delegating the right projects.

First, ask yourself – what are the tasks that only I can do? And, what are the skills I don’t have, but someone else can do?

 If you already have a virtual team in place, look at the skills of each team member. Does someone have the skill you’re looking for? Is someone a quick learner, the type that with a little guidance could easily master the new skill? Remember, just because someone hasn’t performed a particular skill in the past doesn’t mean they can’t in the future.

 Delegation is critical in a successful business. You need to take a hard look at the non-income producing activities that can be delegated, so that your time can be spent on activities that produce income.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’ll be presenting Building an Effective Team for the VA Virtuosos Seminar on Thursday, Sept 27th at 3pm. Info here:

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