I picked up and leafed through the pages of the journal I wrote in after my mom passed away in 2012. The journal felt particularly heavy… I was super curious about what I had written in the early days after my mom passed. And at the same time, I felt a little uncomfortable with it.

As I began flipping through the pages and pages of things I had written, printed out and inserted into my journal, I was very aware of ALL of the feelings (very wide swath) associated with each of the entries I wrote. Anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, heartbreak, confusion… happiness, joy, laughter, and the list goes on.

Then I began to notice that I was curious when my grief shows up and says, “I’m still here.” I reply, “That’s ok.”

I chose the path of curiosity with my grief… asking questions like, “why are you here right *now*?” Or “what am I not paying attention to that I’m supposed to see the lesson in?”

I found the more curious I got, the more compassion and kindness I had with myself in the process.

How are you getting curious about your grief?

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