Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Be Mindful, Absorb The Magic.

For each of the first two nights of our recent backpacking trip, we camped in beautiful locations, near gorgeous alpine lakes.

We discovered a horseshoe in/ near our camp location in both places.

We all paused for a moment to bask in the amazing opportunity we had to be blessed by such a cool thing in each of our campsites.

When we got home, I had to look up the meaning of horseshoes, and here’s what I found…

Not only are they considered lucky, they are also seen as powerful symbols of protection. Ahhh, what a cool discovery!

I also read about St. Dunstan in England and that he nailed a horseshoe on a horse that was disguised as the Devil…. and it caused him great pain. So, an agreement was reached whereby Dunstan agreed to remove the horseshoe, and the Devil agreed not to enter into a house like Dunstan’s when it was displaying a horseshoe. Hence, the notion of protection and goodness. Pretty cool, right?

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