Time In The Garden Is Always Time Well Spent.

Tonight I got some things transplanted and this is our hibiscus plant. She makes me so happy. like the soul-kind of happy.

We inherited her from my mother-in-law, who was planning to get rid of it. Last summer she shared a photo of all the flowers she had collected from the plant and I asked if she had a plan for them…she did not. I use them to make a delicious and refreshing hibiscus and orange tea that we enjoy in the summer. When my mother-in-law learned of my affection for hibiscus, she offered me the plant when she knew she was getting rid of it. I was beyond excited and grateful to recieve it.

We got the hibiscus transplanted in early April and it’s been doing really well…I can’t wait until fall to see the beautiful flowers it bears.

The magic of the hibiscus is that the flowers only last one day and fall off. To me, it’s the “catch it in the moment” beautiful experience that nature provides us, if we are patient and curious.

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