Health, Wealth & Love GiveawayI have an exciting announcement! Are you ready? Ready for greater clarity and focus, improved energy and health? Ready to increase your capacity for joy? Ready to see your business grow, and start realizing your goals and dreams?

I am thrilled to be hosting the Health, Wealth and Love giveaway, happening August 15-September 15 at

Thrilled because A) I’m partnering with some amazing, smart, savvy, successful and inspiring women entrepreneurs and B) the tools you will have access to are truly valuable, high impact, life changing little treasures.

Here’s a quick snapshot – You can:

*Snag one of Alycia Huston’s ebooks, The Beginner’s Juice Cleanse or Flatten Your Belly Overnight.

*Get a free 15 min clarity session with La’ticia Nicole, her devotional workbook and even a t-shirt – score!

*Find out if you are at risk for burnout by taking the burnout quiz from Dr. Heather Clark.  

*Get a sneak peek at Katrina Sawa’s book, Love Yourself Successful, learn more about the 4 types of love, and find out how to attract more clients & make more money. 

*Access a free 1-hour tele class from Stacey Hall to help you set and achieve your true intentions. Learn about the energy surges that will guide you as you improve focus and clarity, clear blocked emotions, reduce stress, increase energy and more. 

*Download your free e-playbook, Living the Dream by Priscilla Stephan and be guided as you clarify your top desires, identify limiting beliefs, and take action steps that can create momentum and more joy in your life! Bonus: If you are 1 of the first 5 peeps to email Priscilla, you’ll also receive a free 30-min Living the Dream breakthrough session with her! 

*Get a social media audit! My & team I will review your social media presence and provide a written report of your findings & recommendations to strengthen your social media presence. Plus, receive a complimentary 30-min session to discuss how a virtual team can support you in growing your business! 

To explore and sign up for any of these gifts visit

Happy shopping!

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