“Intentional activities fall into two categories – the physical actions we take, as well as the energetic actions. A physical action is a tangible activity towards the goal that can be seen, measured, and/or touched. An energetic action is consciously holding the goal in mind, such as meditating and visualizing the goal being fulfilled for a specific amount of time each day.” (p. 15, Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All by Stacey Hall – get your copy here: http://www.gofundme.com/Buy-A-Book-To-Save-A-Life)

The quote above is from “Scheduling for Success,” which is in Chapter 2: Energy Surge #1 from Stacey Hall’s book Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All. I experienced an impromptu version of scheduling for success last weekend while I was with one of my best friends, Leticia Fallis. Leticia’s mom and I had a deep heart-to-heart conversation about loss and grief and some of the relationships that remain after a death and how some of those relationships are never the same–and some surprise you 20+ years later. The conversation was so intimate and inspirational, that before I went to bed that evening, I decided to schedule for success the next morning and go to a coffee shop and write…and write…and write.

"death map"On Sunday morning, I took time reflecting on my notes from sessions over the past year with my life coach (thank you John Dulworth!) and I came up with two very interesting concepts: the first one a “death map” which maps out from 2010 to 2013 all of the people who have passed away that I have known or had experienced. I then turned the page and created a flow chart delineating grief —> joy. *WOW* (see pics) I reflected on much of the notes I had taken and a few things really stood out to me: 1. How is God working with me for my greatest evolution? 2. Life is speaking louder about grief so that I HEAR; 3. Celebrate and embrace my grief when it shows up (by saying, “oh wow! there it is–didn’t expect that!”; 4. I am grief to joyproviding a voice for people in their grief process (woah!).

I also spent some time reviewing a lot of scripture that I am compiling for the Bible study that will be the companion to my book.

I realized that by scheduling this time for success, I physically began to manifest more of the reality of the book I am writing about this journey of loss and grief to finding joy in the process; as well as energetically sitting with scripture, meditating, thinking about my book being complete–I felt the connection to my goal of writing and completing this book. And as you may remember from my last post, I have discovered that’s meant to be my focus right now. I’m feeling like my voice has been silenced for me to focus on writing–and now that I’m doing that, I have a feeling my voice will be returning–hopefully soon.

This was a powerful exercise to experience: to have the conversation with my friend’s mother that led me to ‘schedule for success’ to sit down and write the next morning, that led me to feel all of the moving parts of my book begin to take a collective breath together…soooo exciting!

Have you scheduled for success lately? I highly recommend it!

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