During my 2-year journey of loss and grief, I found myself feeling as though I’d been “sucker-punched” by my grief.

I’d start to feel a little bit better and then BAM, there was that intrusive grief coming out of nowhere… I found myself feeling pissed about it.

Over time, I started to realize the grief was showing up at times when I had something to work on or through in myself.

Ahhh. Ok.

So, I challenged myself to find a different approach to resisting my grief.

I approached it with detached wonderment the next time it showed up. The kind of curiosity that a child might have about something new…

And don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t just happen. It takes work and it takes a conscious effort to say “ok grief, there you are – oh and I didn’t expect THAT.”

It’s a practice and a process and I had to be gentle with myself as I learned this new process. Now that I have worked through my grief, yes it still shows up, and yes sometimes it really sucks… however, my approach is different in how I handle it.

Have you ever felt sucker-punched by grief? How have you handled it?

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