Think about it Thursday…

Do you ever take a moment to give thanks to your younger self?

I’m talking about appreciating yourself for making ALL of the decisions, choices, and paths you chose – whether good, bad, or indifferent… for they are the things that comprise the beautiful, amazing human you are today?

Earlier today, I was reminded of a road trip I took, on my own, a number of years ago… At the time, I was nervous to drive the approximately 200 miles for this trip by myself.

I look back at the young woman I was then, and I think damn! She is why I feel brave to go on 70-mile backpacking adventures, coordinate snow camping treks, summit mountains and so much more…

That’s the kind of appreciation I’m talking about. Like a glimpse at a particular moment that you think, dang, that really empowered me to be the awesome badass I am today.

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