According to Wikipedia, Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day is observed on April 22 each year. The April 22 date was designated as International Mother Earth Day by a consensus resolution adopted by the United Nations in 2009. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated in more than 192 countries every year. (full article here:

So what will you do to honor the Earth this Earth Day? Here are some ideas:

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Make nature-themed arts and crafts with your kids
  3. Recycle
  4. Host a garage sale or donate those items that you’re not using
  5. Host a clothing exchange with friends
  6. Wear green or brown
  7. Buy Earth-friendly cleaning products
  8. Ride your bike
  9. Take a hike and appreciate nature’s beauty
  10. Use less paper towels when drying your hands

These are some ideas, how do you plan on celebrating and honoring our Earth?Save the Earth

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