Think About It Thursday: “You Will Always Grow Through What You Go Through.” – Tyrese Gibson

This quote has been ruminating in the back of my head for several days.

I was interviewed for a podcast today (thank you for the opportunity, Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff!) and I was struck by my own story.

Have you ever stepped back from your own stuff to get an outsider’s perspective about what you have done/ achieved/ overcome?

I was reminded during this interview and conversation that my story has a powerful, meaningful impact and, hopefully, it will be a beacon of hope to someone out there.

At the time, I may have thought it was a shi** show when I was dealing with all of the things… and now, on this side of it, I can truly, deeply appreciate Tyrese Gibson’s quote that “you will always grow through what you go through.”

It’s so very true for me.

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