Recently, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about their grief – whether about the loss of a spouse or partner, a parent, a child or a beloved family pet or their business is suffering the loss of a big client or their business partner, etc… every loss carries its own grief journey.

One of the recurring themes that came up for me from the string of deaths I experienced was to be gentle with myself – this was new territory for me. And every time my grief would show up, I would do my best to allow it to do what it needed to do because I knew it was part of the process of my journey. I think sometimes when I don’t know the end destination of something it feels scary…can you relate?

If you are currently grieving a loss, I encourage you to embrace your grief in whatever way it shows up for you and know that it’s part of the journey and it’s ok not to know the destination right now.

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