I am always looking for fresh, exciting, and fun new ways to build my social network, and here’s an idea that hits it out of the park. Do you have your ‘elevator speech’ ready?

Here’s a chance to introduce yourself to a global audience and be introduced to potential new clients from all over the world. It’s a FREE virtual speed networking webinar created by Sharp End Training. And it’s happening on Tuesdays, the next one being tomorrow, Feb 12.

How it works

You’ll have 2 minutes to introduce yourself, tell folks what you do and send them to your social media, website, email, etc. Your profile page will even stream live while you chat. Then you’ll get to listen to peeps from all over the planet as they do the same. There’s potential for tons of connections.

As several participants have stated, Tuesdays Webinars (as they are so called) are a smart and efficient way to connect with peers, build relationships, and grow your business.

Click here to learn more and join. Talk to you soon!

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