Think About It Thursday: Gifts In Grief.

Every trip we take into nature is always a gift on many levels. After our very first trip, I came home feeling a profound sense of peace and calm around my Mom’s death.

My mom recently celebrated her 74th birthday in heaven.

Our most recent backpacking trip is still revealing gems to me, and I anticipate more will unfold with time and I will share it as I am able to do so.

I came across this Pooh and Piglet quote… and I have always loved the profound depth and beautiful simplicity of A.A. Milne.

And it struck me… because you know, as the years have continued on after your passing, the love I feel is still deeply coursing through my heart.

Though we had a challenging relationship, I like to believe that we are both in a better place with respect to the “earthly relationship” we had.

Love transcends all of the complications, challenges, and everything else.

R.I.P. Mom.

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