Motivation Monday: Get To The Root Of The Problem.

Today, I was pulling some weeds from our front yard and noticed what a sense of satisfaction I felt when I could pull out a weed in its entirety.

That got me thinking of the same satisfaction when I’m able to root out a problem or issue I’m facing, in its entirety, too.

This also got me thinking that when I’m feeling stressed or uptight or struggling with something, getting out into nature is always a cathartic release in order to help get perspective on whatever is going on.

I’m not saying simply getting out into nature “fixes everything.” Rather, when I’m intentional about the sh** I know that is bothering me, I focus on seeking a resolution, and then when I’m in nature – I am open to the experience and healing… however it appears.

Sometimes it happens on the same day. Other times, I get home and cry my eyes out… then, I notice a lightness about whatever I was feeling. Other times still, the “thing” may be less noticeable, and then some weeks or even months down the road… there is catharsis and true, deep healing.

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