Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Consider The Full-Spectrum Repercussions.

On a recent impromptu trip through the mountains, we spent some time skipping rocks at Caples Lake.

As we giggled and leaned into the moment and embraced the silliness of our childhood, I was suddenly struck by the thought of “I wonder what are the repercussions skipping rocks has?”

So I began thinking about the fish and other aquatic animals. The birds who might eat the fish. The ripples on the water might affect dragonflies or other creatures that land on the surface of the water.

You get the idea right? And that got me thinking even bigger… what effects does what I do have in other things?

Far-sweeping, broad-strokes, and all of that, absolutely.

However, I think sometimes that when I’m in nature, some of these most amazing and beautiful sentiments come to me.

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