Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tip: Find The Adventure In Every Day.

I have had several conversations over the past few weeks about how Jason and I find so many adventures. We look for adventure in all that we do!

Our friend Vince took this photo last weekend while we were at Table Mountain… and I will tell you if the waterfalls, wildflowers, and amazing views were not enough, we did find some adventure in the form of things that are bizarre and weird.

On our way down the trail to Ravine Falls, we had read there were reports of a dead cow just off the trail. Sure enough, as we began down that part of the trail, the rank smell wafted and permeate the air. Holding your breath only works for so long, you see. LOL It was interesting to hear the reactions of others around us as they recoiled in abject fear or their bodies reacted in a way to cause them to involuntarily make dry heaving noises… it all added to the interesting experience.

We have encountered a number of dead animals along our many trails over the years… from a headless beached whale on the Lost Coast, to carcasses of deer, bones of creatures we were not sure what they were, and others… to this cow on the side of the trail, among others. It is a part of the experience. It is the circle of life.

Something else I have noticed about experiences like this is that it is a “going back to” point for the remainder of the day… we would get to a certain spot and someone would say, well at least we can no longer smell the cow. And then, in other spots, *poof* there’s that smell again… and the conversations bubble back up around the cow. We all wondered how it died. We all wondered if the buzzards would be allowed to assist in the composting process, as there were at least 5 or 6 circling the area… the trail was too busy for them to actually get in there and help to process the scene, as it were.

All of this to say Jason and I enjoy being in nature for all of the fun experiences like this one bring us as well as reconnecting to one another, to ourselves, and to God…. all of which help us to handle the curve balls that life throws at us.

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