Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: When An Experience Doesn’t Work… It Is Also A Gift.

Last month, we went on a backpacking trip quite late in the season – much later than we typically have in years past.

We were exploring the options of being able to prolong our hiking season and while we’re definitely a fan of doing day hikes late into the season… overnight and multi-day trips late in the season are kind of a “no” for us. Here are a few reasons why:

☀️When the sun goes down, it’s cold enough that you don’t want to be out of your tent. And since we’re not snow camping, our backpacks aren’t equipped for long periods of non-movement in the brisk temps.

When you get into your tent at 7 pm because the sun is behind the mountains and the air is chilly enough, you are now “in your tent” for 10+ hours.

The amount of daylight available for hiking is a lot less than in “peak” summer months, and thus curtails longer hiking days (unless you don’t mind setting up in the dark, which in the summer/ warmer months we don’t mind).

So, what we now know is that we are totally fine doing day hikes late into the season and prefer to coordinate our backpacking trips to be completed by the first two weeks of September.

And you know, sometimes an experience allows the space to see what doesn’t work – and that’s a gift, too.

So we have chosen to see this experience as a gift because now we know.

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