I choose to see my excuses as challengesI used to struggle with emotions from my past repeatedly showing up and derailing me from previous progress I had made.

Then I started getting really curious about those emotions when I was out on a backpacking trip… and you know what happened?

All of that solitude (even though I was with other people) allowed me to get even more intimate with those issues. Confront them. I wasn’t able to hide from them.

Over time, I learned to be more gentle with myself when those emotions showed up.

I got better at identifying the emotions as they were coming down the pipe.

I learned how to ask for support.

I leaned into the silence that only solitude in nature can bring.

I prayed.

I meditated.

I sat with the silence.

I looked around at all of the beautiful nature and did my best to look at it with a child’s eyes.

How do you handle past emotions that repeatedly show up and attempt to derail you?

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