The way in which we read books has changed dramatically the past few years. The nice thing about an eBook is they can be much shorter in length, anywhere from 5 pages to a full novel. As I’ve said before, use what you have to build upon other info products.

For example, I wrote a blog about Building an Effective Virtual Dream Team. I could take that blog, and create an article. Then, I could take an excerpt from that blog/article and include a tip section in my monthly newsletter. Next, I can expand on the article and write an eBook, or perhaps become a co-author as I did in the Thrive Publishing book, Women Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

After you’ve decided to write an eBook, you have to choose whether you want to offer it for free, or charge. For more information on how to do this, check out my chapter in Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, available here to purchase.


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