I was having a converid-100739011sation with someone recently about the fact that my hubby and I are starting to look into getting a dog as a new family member. Something funny struck me as my friend asked questions about what type of dog we wanted, etc., that it would be funny if we wrote “classified listings” for our pets – so I thought it would make a fun post to share my idea for our classified listing for dog wanted…here it goes:

Loving Couple Seeking Dog as Addition to Family

Must love birds, as we have 2 cockatiels; enjoy camping, hiking in various places, long walks (on the beach?), movies and laughter; like to visit with friends and family; when dad’s at work, you’ll be hanging out with mom in the office while she works – she promises to take you on several walks throughout the day! 😉 We’re not as concerned with the breed of dog as much as wanting you to have a friendly disposition, gets along with our birds and other dogs (for when we visit friends and family). We want you to be an addition to our family, long term, so serious inquiries only. We promise our love and affection, belly rubs and more! 🙂

If you were seeking a pet, what would your ‘classified’ read?

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