do you have a process when you are overcome with emotions?Do you know those experiences where you are in the car or in a place and after you drive away or walk away, you are like what the f*** just happened? And get all caught up in various perhaps inexplicable emotions? 🤬
That happened to me today and I want to share my experience with you…
I was driving to the supermarket and I saw emergency vehicles on the opposite side of the road and was able to make out the details of an accident. I always say a quick prayer that everyone is ok and that all parties are safe.
The cars in front of me were slowing down to look at what happened and I did the same. I noticed it was what looked like a motorcycle versus a car accident and someone was laying on the ground on a stretcher. It looked pretty serious.
I was immediately overcome with emotion… to tears. 🥺
As I pulled into a spot at the supermarket, I was able to reconcile the emotions that flooded in.
A very good friend of ours was killed in a motorcycle versus car accident in 2010, and those emotions came back to me like it happened yesterday.
I sat in my vehicle for a moment and said another prayer for the parties involved and also had a check-in with myself:
I reminded myself that all of my feelings are valid.
I reminded myself that it’s ok to cry.
I reminded myself that I’m still strong.
I took a few deep breaths before heading into the supermarket. I said a prayer. I took another deep breath and got out of my vehicle.
Do you have a process when you are overcome with emotions, particularly, those old emotions when they show up?
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