Energy Surge #6: The Power of Love shares:

“I have found that the simple practice of acknowledging and appreciating what I already have often brings me more of what I desire simply, easily and with velocity.”

“I will also admit that the challenge for me is to stay focused on what I already have – to admire it from every angle – without focusing on what I have not yet attracted. Said another way, sometimes it is hard to stay focused on what I have rather than what I don’t have yet!” (p. 123, Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All by Stacey Hall – get your own copy here:

I had a conversation with my good friend Anthony via FB chat and we were having a discussion around my voice returning. I had this random thought that it will be weird or disturbing to hear my own voice again after it being gone for the past 6 months.

Do You Appreciate What You Already HaveIt brought me back to the passage I shared above as a result of focusing on what I don’t have yet—namely, my voice. So I reflected back on what I do have: I have something of a whisper of a voice that my husband can hear when we are in close proximity at home or if I’m with another person, I have to lean way in so they can hear me. I then took another step back and “admired what I do have from every angle.” I have to say that was a challenge for me. While I am grateful to have a little tiny voice because at least it is something, I really want to push through and say “Yeah but I want my voice back!” Here’s where I call into practice using Noble Questions, as Stacey refers to them…sitting with myself, in mediation and prayer and asking God questions about how to regain my voice, how to reconnect with my voice. I’m still on this journey and I am confident that answers will begin to reveal themselves. 🙂

I also take time to use the Appreciation Perspective Experience (A.P.E.), that Stacey shares in Energy Surge #6 to reflect on what others have said I am good at and practice saying those things to myself: “I AM Awesome!” or “I AM funny!” or “I have a beautiful voice!” 🙂 I remember to go A.P.E. several times a day—something I have put into practice by utilizing another Chi-To-Be! Energy Surge, #1, Scheduling for Success. I have specific times on my calendar every day to go A.P.E. Since it is on my calendar, it WILL happen!

How about you? What are you currently focusing on that perhaps with a shift of focusing on what you already have, you will begin attracting that which you do not have yet? <3

Do You Appreciate What You Have Already?

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