Motivation Monday: Do What Brings Your Soul Joy.

We hiked to the top of Ralston Peak yesterday. Roundtrip, somewhere around 7 or so miles. Total elevation gain, about 2,800 feet or so. The views are amazing. The number of lakes and peaks that can be seen from this peak is breathtaking.

The number of butterflies we saw on the trail was an incredible, joyful, heartfelt connection to my soul and the things that bring my soul joy. 🦋

You see, being in nature is where I feel that deep connection with myself, my soul, my relationship with God, my relationship with my husband, and so on.

Further, there’s a certain amount of cool stuff I am grateful to notice when we’re out in nature.

For example, when I see butterflies, I know it’s my Mom saying “hi!” I have chatted with dear friends and family who have lost loved ones and they have shared that their loved one is also saying hi to me. <3

When I share pics of those butterflies with the friends and family who have shared that with me… it’s an even deeper sense of joy in my soul.

What brings your soul joy?

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