October 5th is “Do Something Nice” day–I’m using this time to feature my awesome team who supports our business ventures…

Alison Jones-Lockwood is our team’s lead VA and handles so many wonderful facets of our client needs from social media to writing content for blogs and so much more. One of Alison’s strengths is that she’s incredible at prioritizing projects and getting things done! She’s an amazing mom of two and a sports enthusiast and I appreciate her so much!

Lindsay Benson is a VA in Missouri and handles many aspects of our client needs from social media to event promotion and writing copy for blogs and newsletters. One of Lindsay’s strengths is work-life balance…she is a mom of two and sometimes works into the wee hours of the night to complete projects for clients and I so appreciate her dedication!

Carly Reich is a VA in Rhode Island and handles so many aspects of writing content for our clients. Her husband is in medical residency right now and has two beautiful children. I have enjoyed getting to know her as a part of our team. One of Carly’s strengths is her ability to crystallize someone’s content to convey the message they want to portray.

Ryan Ammons is our team’s graphic designer and has been an amazing support to our team. He provides top notch graphics for websites, advertisements and more. Ryan is the son of a very long-time friend of mine and I am so excited to have him as a part of our team!

Ana Barre is one of our team’s InfusionSoft experts and supports clients in their CRM, email marketing and more. I met Ana through her husband Daniel and have appreciated them both for their expertise in the InfusionSoft arena and the expertise they bring to the team.

Susan Mayfield has been supporting our team in social media and Facebook fan page upgrades for the past several months. She is always ready to take on a new project and support entrepreneurs to get their business out there in the world! I appreciate her willingness to take on new projects, learn new things and have fun while doing it!

Louise Umeki has been a social media support for our clients most recently in the realm of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest and more! She is always leading with a smile and a positive attitude. Louise is a mom of an adult son and has two amazing grandsons she loves spending time.

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