Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Do More Of What Makes Your Soul Happy.

Upon reflecting on our recent backpacking trip and what could have been deemed a “failed trip,” I love looking at the lessons we learned… the “what we know now” and the “things we’ll do in the future” as a result of a trip like this.

A few of the lessons we’ll be carrying forward:

* Our snow camping training was imperative for the chilly overnight temps we endured… boiling water before bed and putting it into our Nalgene bottles and inside of our sleeping bag was a huge win.

* Communicate clearly and often. It goes without saying that communication is the cornerstone of all relationships, and I believe it to be especially true of treks in nature. Knowing where others are, how everyone is feeling, etc. – all crucial to the success of the trip.

Some of the things we’ll do in the future:

* Bring in one more day of altitude camping to better acclimate.

* Begin planning more trips at higher elevations.

I close this post by saying I have chosen to celebrate and honor everything where it is.

This trip was an amazing adventure and both Jason and I are SOOOO grateful for the experience. And we are looking forward to next season with eager anticipation!


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