I recently found myself in a situation that I wasn’t sure what to do and leaned into one of my favorite Energy Surges, #2: “Do it Your Way – Any Way You Can” (from Chi To Be! Achieving your Ultimate B-All by Stacey Hall – get your own copy here:

I had a doctor’s appointment with the specialist yesterday about my voice. The conversation was to be about whether I would consider Botox injections into the muscles behind my larynx to see if that would allow my voice to return to normalcy. I had been given a website to review at my last visit, and I of course asked questions of some people I knew that had experience of Botox. By the way, one of the reasons I’m so concerned is because they believe I have 2 conditions presenting together, meaning they have to alleviate the severe muscle related issue to see and identify the underlying, what they believe to be neurological condition.

The night before the appointment, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was feeling scared and confused. I decided to pray on it and go into the appointment and ask as many questions as I could to learn more and let the specialist know I wasn’t really looking to pursue the Botox course of treatment. That was doing it my way, any way I can.

At the appointment, the specialist respected the fact that I am scared of having an injection of a toxin into my throat. She answered many questions about risks and side effects, etc. I asked her if I could call my husband to include him in the process, as I knew he also had questions. She spent 20 minutes with him on speaker phone, answering his questions and explaining everything she had explained to me.

The specialist explained another procedure that can be done that will allow them to relax the muscles to help them to identify the underlying problem, which would then allow them to identify which muscles actually may need the Botox injection – and also whether or not identifying the problem is something that Botox may in fact help.

I am grateful for my experience with Chi To Be! and mastery of the Energy Surges – in the alternative, I may have gone into the appointment and taken the specialist’s advice and gone ahead with scheduling for Botox. I feel good about the discussion and that I went in with clear expectations of what result I wanted and information I wanted to obtain. I was feeling a little like Frank Sinatra when he sang “I Did it My Way…” YAY!

Have you used Energy Surge #2? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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